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1p-LSD, short for 1 propionyl lysergic acid diethylamide, is the hallucinogenic psychedelic drug that belongs to the lysergamide family.
Surprisingly, it is structurally similar to LSD and ALD 52, suggesting that it also has an identical profile of effects. Considering the lack of research on this substance, all arguments regarding the pharmacology of this drug are perfectly compatible with its structure and subjective effects, which are no different from other lysergamides.

Chemistry of 1P-LSD

According to its molecular structure, it belongs to the lysergamide family. It is quite similar to LSD and was named after its propionyl group, which is attached to the nitrogen of the polycyclic indole group. The propionyl group consists of a carbonyl chain attached to an amino group. 1p-LSD contains a polycyclic group containing the bicyclic hexahydroindole attached to its bicyclic quinolone group. The n-diethylcarboxamide is attached to carbon 9 of quinoline.

Pharmacology of 1P-LSD

It acts as a partial agonist of 5HT2A. Psychedelic effects result from its action at 5HT2A receptors. The role of such interactions and how they lead to psychedelic experiences remains unclear.
In addition, it has been theorized that 1p-LSD is a precursor of LS. It shows only 35% potency of LDS in mice. The LSD is detected by LC-MS when the 1p-LSD is incubated in human serum. This means that 1p-LSD acts not only as a prodrug for LSD, but also directly as a serotonin receptor against its own rights.

1P-LSD Subjective Effects

The subjective effects of 1p-LSD are similar to those of structurally related drugs. The differences are minute, negligible, and virtually indistinguishable. Compared to other psychedelics, which include LS and psilocin, 1p-LSD proves to be even more stimulating and faster when it comes to a certain type of its physical and cognitive effects. Listed below are the effects based on the subjective index of effects and personal experiences of some subjects. The effects listed occur rarely and only once. However, at high doses, they can lead to severe cases.

physical effects

– tactile sensations
– Stimulation
– body-controlled enhancement
– Nausea
– Enhanced tactile
– Pupil dilation
– Increase in heart rate

Cognitive effects

-Improvement of current mental health
– acceleration of thoughts
– improvement of novelty
– improvement of immersion
– Timeshift
– Ego death
– Mindfulness
– Thought loops
– Delusions
– sense of interdependent opposites
– conceptual thinking
– Sense of self-creation
– alertness
– Increase of creativity
– Through disorganization
– mental improvement


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