Codeine is an opiate and prodrug of morphine used to treat pain, coughing, and diarrhea. It is found naturally in the sap of the opium poppy, Papaver somniferum. It is typically used to treat mild to moderate degrees of pain.
Formula: C18H21NO3
IUPAC ID: (5α,6α)-7,8-didehydro-4,5-epoxy- 3-methoxy-17-methylmorphinan-6-ol
Molar mass: 299.364 g/mol
Melting point: 154 °C
Soluble in: Water


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Codeine is an opiate used to treat pain, coughing, and diarrha. Greater benefits may occur when combined with paracetamol (acetaminophen) or a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) such as aspirin or ibuprofen. Evidence does not support its use for acute cough suppression in children or adults. It typically starts working after half an hour, with maximum effect at two hours. Its effects last for about four to six hours. Buy codeine online


When a person abuses codeine, they are likely to seek euphoria and intense relaxation. However, in addition to the desired effects, there are numerous unwanted effects as well. Common side effects include vomiting, constipation, itchiness, and lightheadedness. Whether its use in pregnancy is safe is unclear.


Firstly, Codeine is an opioid pain medication, sometimes called a narcotic.
Secondly, Codeine is used to treat mild to moderately severe pain.
Thirdly, Codeine may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.

Dosage Forms & Strengths

tablet: Schedule II

  • 15mg
  • 30mg
  • 60mg


15-60 mg PO q4-6hr PRN; not to exceed 360 mg/day in naive patients

Dosing considerations

  • Patients with prior opioid exposure may require higher initial doses
  • Titrate dose to pain relief; use lowest effective dose for shortest period of time

Cough (Off-label)

7.5-30 mg PO q4-6hr PRN

Dosing Consideration

Access to naloxone for opioid overdose

  • Assess need for naloxone upon initiating and renewing treatment
  • Consider prescribing naloxone
    • Firstly, based on the patient’s risk factors for overdose (eg, concomitant use of CNS depressants, a history of opioid use disorder, prior opioid overdose); the presence of risk factors should not prevent proper pain management
    • Secondly, household members (including children) or other close contacts at risk for accidental ingestion or overdose
  • Consult patients and caregivers on the following:
    •  Firstly, availability of naloxone for emergency treatment of opioid overdose
    • Secondly, ways to obtain naloxone as permitted by individual state dispensing and prescribing requirements or guidelines (eg, by prescription, directly from a pharmacist, as part of a community-based program)

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